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The audioguide as an art commission

Artists Linda O Keefe and Louise Wilson have begun following the traces of history in our archive, reflecting on what is present in our collection, but also what is absent: memories of sound, lost evidence, and impalpable stories of making new lives in England’s North. Keep reading

A Fragile World

A Fragile World If there’s one thing that the ongoing pandemic teaches us, it’s that life is a somewhat fragile and precarious affair. This was achingly true for Gideon Klein, a young Czech Jew, and … Keep reading

Small Contentments

Over the past six weeks, survivors Iby Knill and Martin Kapel have participated in a community project to mark the Srebrenica genocide led by the 6 million+ Charitable Trust. The 6 million+ Charitable Trust works … Keep reading
Commemorative cube made by Bosnian survivor Jasmina

Film review: Where Hands Touch

October is Black History Month which highlights the often underrepresented history of Black people in the UK and around the world. As part of Black History Month Hannah has reviewed ‘Where Hands Touch’, a film … Keep reading