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Memorial Gestures – Artist Residencies – Open Call

Open Call  for Gestures IArtist Residency Program 2022-2023Applications close: 3rd of OctoberResidency time frames: November 2022 – June 2023 Download the Memorial Gestures Info + Application pack! (If you are having trouble downloading the pack, … Keep reading
Logo of Open Call - Drawings of Hands reaching in to touch the words 'Memorial Gestures'

The audioguide as an art commission

Artists Linda O Keefe and Louise Wilson have begun following the traces of history in our archive, reflecting on what is present in our collection, but also what is absent: memories of sound, lost evidence, and impalpable stories of making new lives in England’s North. Keep reading

Be the Light in the Dark

I am very proud to have called Lilian my boss, but most of all, a dear friend. It seems absolutely appropriate to reprise the metaphor of the light in the darkness when thinking about Lilian. … Keep reading

Tributes have been paid to Lilian Black

The daughter of Holocaust survivor Eugene Black, who was liberated from Bergen-Belsen, Lilian’s work in raising public awareness of the consequences of hate is widely recognised and tributes have poured in following her shock death. Keep reading

Holocaust survivors share messages of hope

We have now had the honour of hearing the testimony of three survivors who feature in the ‘Through Our Eyes’ exhibition. Trude Silman, Arek Hersh and Iby Knill’s stores of survival are all unique but … Keep reading