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Be the Light in the Dark

I am very proud to have called Lilian my boss, but most of all, a dear friend. It seems absolutely appropriate to reprise the metaphor of the light in the darkness when thinking about Lilian. … Keep reading

A Christmas Chat with Martin Kapel

University of Huddersfield History student Beth Purslow writes about Martin’s childhood experiences at Christmas, and what they can show us about our own difficult year. The past year has been difficult and challenging for a … Keep reading

The First Victims of the Holocaust

Those with mental and physical disabilities were targeted by the Nazis Party as soon as they came to power in 1933. History The persecution of those with mental and physical disabilities by the Nazi Party … Keep reading

Tributes have been paid to Lilian Black

The daughter of Holocaust survivor Eugene Black, who was liberated from Bergen-Belsen, Lilian’s work in raising public awareness of the consequences of hate is widely recognised and tributes have poured in following her shock death. Keep reading

Small Contentments

Over the past six weeks, survivors Iby Knill and Martin Kapel have participated in a community project to mark the Srebrenica genocide led by the 6 million+ Charitable Trust. The 6 million+ Charitable Trust works … Keep reading
Commemorative cube made by Bosnian survivor Jasmina