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We will be closed from Thursday 21st December and reopen Sunday 7th January

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Memorial Gestures – Laura Fisher

Hello, I’m Laura Fisher! I am honored to have been chosen to create artistic responses to the archive at Holocaust Centre North through the Memorial Gestures artist’s residency, and I’m excited to introduce myself to … Keep reading

Memorial Gestures – April Lin 林森

The space between fact and fiction My entry point into this residency was exploring the role and possibility of speculation in approaching the archive. How can speculation be used to fill in the gaps in … Keep reading

The Legacy of Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List debuted in 1993 and remains one of the most highly recognised Holocaust films almost 30 years later. The film is based on ‘Schindler’s Ark’ by Thomas Keneally (1982), a historical non-fiction novel which … Keep reading

A Fragile World

A Fragile World If there’s one thing that the ongoing pandemic teaches us, it’s that life is a somewhat fragile and precarious affair. This was achingly true for Gideon Klein, a young Czech Jew, and … Keep reading